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Teak & Deck Professionals Tips on Sealing and Maintaining Wood Decks

Maintaining your wood deck is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your home’s value.  A home Deck add great value to homes; in fact, a recent survey  suggested that decks can cause homeowners to recoup nearly 81 percent of their investment!  Therefore, adding a deck makes sense if you are thinking of selling.  Decks also add great enjoyment to your family life, providing an outdoor space to eat, play, relax and visit with friends.  As […]

Outdoor Teak Maintenance

Outdoor teak maintenance has to be done on a regular schedule, particularly if you have a deck.  Why?  It’s because of the nature of Orange County weather.
Teak Care in a Coastal Desert

While Orange County is blessed by nearly perfect weather year round, it does have inclement weather that can cause damage to your teak.  The marine layer that comes in every night in Southern California is part of it.  Unlike fog, a marine layer forms on its own.  However, […]

Deck Restoration 101

Deck restoration brings back the caramel color that teak is famous for. Such cleaning is usually a multi-step process that not only cleans and refurbishes the surface, it protects it.
Teak Deck Stripping and Cleaning
Teak deck restoration is usually begins with either cleaning with high pressure washing or with stripping the surface to prepare it.  The deciding factor is whether or not sealing is present.

If your teak is  is unsealed, a good teak cleaning will need to be done to […]

Teak Care and Refinishing-General Information

This article will highlight some best practices to follow regarding teak care  to protect your investment.
Teak Care: Steps to Take

Get teak cleaning done on a regular basis.  A good schedule to follow is annually or semi annually.
If your teak is starting to show it’s age, reverse the damage by getting teak refinishing done.  Refinishing your teak will help it to keep its caramel color.
Use care when you’re doing follow up teak cleaning.  Teak, even though it is a hardwood, […]

Deck Cleaning & Sealing Tips

Deck cleaning and sealing is an important part of deck maintenance.  If you have a wood deck attached to your house, you probably enjoy how beautiful it looks as well as how functional it is.  However, it is very important to maintain your deck by performing deck cleaning and sealing on a regular basis.  If you simply build a deck and never do anything else for it, it will begin to look weathered and can eventually lose some of its structural integrity […]

New Video of Deck Refinishing in San Diego

Deck Refinishing in San Diego
Teak & Deck Professionals, a Southern California Deck Restoration company, just published a brief video showcasing examples of their amazing deck refinishing in San Diego. The video, only about 30 seconds in length, shows sets of before and after photos and gives contact info to the company’s website.  It can be found at  Many more picture are available at Teak & Deck Professional’s web site gallery of deck refinishing pictures.
Why Don’t More People Know About Deck […]