Deck Refinishing


Restoring Weathered Decks

Wood deck restoration involves either cleaning or stripping the surface. If the wood is unsealed, it will need to be cleaned thoroughly with a product formulated to remove discoloration. This will rid the teak surface of its grayed appearance, stains, and fungus growth. wood deck cleaningIf your deck has been previously sealed with a varnish or stain, stripping will also be needed.After cleaning, a light sanding is recommended. Un-sanded wood will prevent the new sealer from adhering or penetrating properly. This can lead to premature color fading, cracking and peeling.After the wood has been refinished to its natural appearance it will be ready to accept a protective sealer. Teak & Deck Professionals uses only the highest quality teak and deck sealers. Please call us today to discuss refinishing or sealing your new or weathered deck.If you want to preserve the natural look of new wood and protect the wood from “graying”, sealing your new wood deck is the best option.wood deck refinishingThere are many oils, varnishes, and polyurethanes on the market today. Teak & Deck Professionals has observed the best results from a high-quality custom sealer that is formulated exclusively for our use. This deck sealer is a flat finish, which contains a UV and Mildew Inhibitor which helps to preserve the wood. It also contains a small pigment (color) available in a transparent color of choice. The pigment acts as a shield by preserving and protecting your wood deck.

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