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Enjoy some pictures of our actual deck refinishing work for a variety of deck types.  Just rollover the picture that you’d like to see enlarged and then click.  For more before and after deck pictures from our more than 750 active customers, just give us a call at 866-618-4551.  We’d be happy to supply you with pictures representing what your particular deck will look like after being refinished.

  1. img 1zfhppxz.160x120 Deck Photos
  2. img m8ogr12m.160x120 Deck Photos
  3. img uq6f6izt.160x120 Deck Photos
  4. img ubrd9x7o.160x120 Deck Photos
  5. img iemiud7a.160x120 Deck Photos
  6. img xy2vmgf1.160x120 Deck Photos
  7. img c494brov.160x120 Deck Photos
  8. img jbgg9trb.160x120 Deck Photos
  9. img 2enrjnly.160x120 Deck Photos
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Our teak furniture has never looked this good. Your crew was great and the price well worth it. It's like having a new patio set for a fraction of the cost.

T.M. - Encinitas, CA

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