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How To Restore Teak

San Diego Teak Refinishing in the Summer Months

This time of year is especially trying for San Diego Teak Refinishing. Why? With the season’s warmer temperatures, many customers of properly maintained teak will experience the unsightly appearance of naturally occurring teak oil on their wood surfaces. Naturally occurring teak oil (not the kind purchased at retail!) will make furniture look splotchy and can even cause drips onto cushions and patios. Not what most teak owners are looking for out of their beautiful teak furniture!

Teak Oil & San Diego […]

Teak Refinishing San Diego

Teak furniture owners looking for Teak Refinishing San Diego have several choices available to them and all have their pros and cons. We, of course, are partial to professional care of teak furniture but we do realize each choice is the right fit for a certain type of consumer. No matter the choice of who refinishes your teak furniture, you will need to be sure that several steps are completed.
Major Steps for Teak Refinishing San Diego
When teak furniture turns gray […]

Teak Maintenance 101

Between service visits it is a good idea to enact a program of teak maintenance.  You can do this by following a few easy steps.
What to Do After Teak Refinishing

After you’ve had teak refinishing in Orange County done, what do you do next?  The answer depends on a few factors. Let’s start with decking.  Once a week, it is a good idea to sweep your deck with a regular broom or a dust-mop.  When you sweep, don’t bear down […]

Teak Refinishing and Your Teak Part 3: Indoor Teak Furniture

In part of a three part article on teak refinishing, we are covering caring for indoor teak furniture. Does indoor furniture need the same level of care that outdoor furniture does?  We’re glad you asked.
Teak Refinishing: Is It Necessary on Indoor Furniture?

Indoor teak furniture obviously doesn’t need the level of teak refinishing that outdoor furniture does.  It’s not exposed to the elements, however, even indoor teak can do with a bit of cleaning and refinishing.  Earth tones are highly […]

Teak Refinishing and Your Teak Part I: General Teak Care

Teak refinishing helps to keep your investment up in a truly miraculous wood: Tectona grandis or teak.
Teak Refinishing and Restoration

What is teak, and why do you need to get teak refinishing done on occasion.  Well, according to this Wikipedia article excerpt: “Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species Tectona grandis and its wood products. The species is placed in the family Lamiaceae. Tectona grandis is a large, deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood […]

Teak Care and Deck Maintenance Part 3

Part three of a three part series on teak care explores refinishing methods and when to do it.
Teak Refinishing:  When the Gray is In, Take it Out
As teak ages, it goes a silvery gray color.  Some people like it, but other people prefer teak’s natural caramel color.  However, aged teak is also more prone to other problems ultimately, like rotting, cracking or warping.  That’s why you may want to get teak refinishing done.

Teak refinishing services offer different levels depending […]

Teak Weathering and Teak Restoration

Teak refinishing is not as hard as a lot of people think.  In fact it’s fairly easy.
Teak Refinishing: Deck Vs. Furniture

There is a lot of information out there about  teak refinishing. Seems like everyone  has a different and proven way of on turning your teak from weathered gray to rich caramel brown. One expert will tell you  with complete authority to sandblast your furniture, while another one will say that no, coarse grain sandpaper and high pressure water is […]

Teak Cleaning

Teak cleaning is not just for your teak deck, it is also for your furniture.
When You Should Do Teak Furniture Cleaning

It’s a beautiful day in Orange County, as it often is.  The sun is shining and it’s time to go outside and enjoy your new teak outdoor furniture.  But one question comes to mind, do you know how to care for it? Teak furniture cleaning is really quite simple.

If you leave your garden teak furniture outdoors, in about three […]

Teak Care for Home and Garden

Teak care is one of several things that you do related to your garden.
Gardening Tips and Teak Care

Gardening, like teak care, depends on the right tips.  First off,  know what soil type you have. When you know this you’ll know what you need to do to get the best out of it. There are three basic types of soil – sand, silt, and clay – and if you are not sure about what you have, ask your neighbors if […]

Teak Refinishing: Part of a Good Home Maintenance Program

Home maintenance is more than just teak refinishing.  This article explores some tips to keep your home safe and clean.
Home Maintenance: Clean Your Teak Too

Most people don’t know that allergens abound in a lot of homes.  It’s an urban legend regarding toilet seats and their dangers, right?  Maybe not.  Staph infections can occur from contaminated surfaces and that includes toilets.  Dust, grit, mold and other contaminants are found both in and outside of your home.  Where teak cleaning is […]