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How To Restore Teak

San Diego Teak Refinishing in the Summer Months

This time of year is especially trying for San Diego Teak Refinishing. Why? With the season’s warmer temperatures, many customers of properly maintained teak will experience the unsightly appearance of naturally occurring teak oil on their wood surfaces. Naturally occurring teak oil (not the kind purchased at retail!) will make furniture look splotchy and can even cause drips onto cushions and patios. Not what most teak owners are looking for out of their beautiful teak furniture!

Teak Oil & San Diego […]

Teak Sealing Part 2: Protecting Your Teak from the Weather

Part two of a series on teak sealing explores how to protect your outdoor teak furniture from the effects of the weather.
Orange County and Teak Sealing: “Nearly Ideal” Weather

Orange County is blessed with nearly ideal weather.  Notice we said nearly ideal.  During winter, we have some fierce storms sometimes, and we also have the Santa Ana winds in fall.  The Los Angeles area is a coastal desert valley, so all that moisture and wind has to go somewhere.  As a result, […]

Teak Sealing Part 1: Protecting Outdoor Teak From Man-Made Problems

Teak sealing helps to protect your teak from a multitude of problems, both natural and man-made.
Pollution and Teak Sealing

If you live anywhere in or near Orange County, California, as  you’re aware, sometimes pollution is a problem. Because of being surrounded by mountains, Los Angeles has a pollution problem that spreads throughout Orange County as well as out east to Riverside.  The effects of pollution on one’s health are fairly well-documented, but what is the effect of air pollution on […]

Teak Maintenance 101

Between service visits it is a good idea to enact a program of teak maintenance.  You can do this by following a few easy steps.
What to Do After Teak Refinishing

After you’ve had teak refinishing in Orange County done, what do you do next?  The answer depends on a few factors. Let’s start with decking.  Once a week, it is a good idea to sweep your deck with a regular broom or a dust-mop.  When you sweep, don’t bear down […]

Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 3: After Refinishing

Part three of our series on teak sealing in Orange County explores sealing teak after a refinishing job is done.
Why You Should Do Teak Sealing as Part of a Teak Refinishing Project

As a professional teak refinishing service, we do not believe that any teak refinishing project is complete without sealing. Whenever you refinish teak, you want to keep that look as long as you can, otherwise it can start to gray.  We’re past the June Gloom here in Orange […]

Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 1: Teck Decks

Part one of a series on teak sealing explores why you may want to consider sealing for a new deck.  One of the biggest reasons is simple.  Teak is not exactly inexpensive
Teak Sealing in Orange County:  What to Do With a New Deck

Ok, time for some kudos here. First off you live in Orange County, so good for you.  You’re living in one of the most highly desired pieces of real estate in California, much less the rest of […]

Teak Deck Restoration in Orange County

Teak deck restoration is necessary periodically.  While Orange County doesn’t have an extreme environment as a rule, it does have certain weather patterns that can have a negative impact on your teak.
Teak Restoration: What It Entails
Teak deck restoration involves cleaning and/or stripping the surface. If the teak on your deck is unsealed, it will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove discoloration.

While teak cleaning will rid the teak surface of any residual grit or dirt,  refinishing will take out […]

Teak Sealing: What To Do If You Have a New Deck

Teak sealing is something that you want to do to protect an investment in your home, namely your deck.
I Have a New Teak Deck, What Now?

When it is first put down, teak is a rich caramel color.  As we have covered before, when teak ages, it goes grayish silver.  To keep your teak at its original beauty, you need to take active steps to protect it.  The best way to start is to get a teak sealing service in.

If you […]

Teak Care and Deck Maintenance Part 3

Part three of a three part series on teak care explores refinishing methods and when to do it.
Teak Refinishing:  When the Gray is In, Take it Out
As teak ages, it goes a silvery gray color.  Some people like it, but other people prefer teak’s natural caramel color.  However, aged teak is also more prone to other problems ultimately, like rotting, cracking or warping.  That’s why you may want to get teak refinishing done.

Teak refinishing services offer different levels depending […]

Teak Furniture Q & A

I have new teak furniture, should I do teak sealing on it?  How long should teak furniture stay outside before I do anything to it, like sealing?  What is the procedure to seal my deck or furniture?  All good questions, and ones that will be answered below….
Teak Sealing and New Teak Furniture

 I have new teak furniture, should I do teak sealing on it?Absolutely.  If you want to keep your teak from weathering, new teak furniture should be sealed.  Sealing […]