Teak and Deck Phone Quotes

Teak and Deck Phone Quotes

About Our Over The Phone Pricing:

Getting a price over the phone to restore your outdoor furniture, deck or fence is fast, easy and 100% guaranteed.

Teak and Deck Professionals has been providing refinishing, restoration and protection services for over a decade. With thousands of projects completed our experience allows us to size up your project and determine a price just by asking a you few questions over the phone. Sure, in some cases you may have a deck or fence that you have no idea what the size is and in these cases we’ll need to measure to get an accurate price. Outside of this you’ll have no worries, when we give you a price over the phone it is rock solid and guaranteed for 30 days.

If you hire us, you will not be surprised or disappointed by hidden charges when we come to perform the work.

Why is this important to you?

solicatorFirst, because an over the phone price makes it really fast and easy for you to understand the cost of your project, make a decision and get the job done. We deliver.
Second, because it eliminates the need for you to schedule a time to have a technician to come out, meet you, evaluate your project and give you a price. That saves you time. Imagine scheduling price quotes with 3 or 4 companies? Great way to spend your weekend, no?
And lastly, the reason others will not give you an upfront, no obligation price is because they want to hard sell you face to face. Teak and Deck Professionals believe in honest evaluations, fair pricing and never pressuring our customers.

If you have a wood, stone or hard surface you would like to be refinished, restored and protected, give us a call and get a firm, no obligation price!


Important non-wiggly terms from our overly concerned lawyer makes us state about our phone prices.

Our price is based on your description of services needed.
If for some reason the description you give to us is well outside of the actual project, we will have to re-assess on the spot. And these are not small nuances – we fully expect those. This is just to cover big differences, for example: If you tell us you have a 10’x10′ foot deck and it turns out to be 20’x20′ clearly we had a misfire.

So save time and get an instant price we will honor to restore your outdoor wood, stone or hard surfaces by calling: 800-517-9362

What If I have a hard time telling you what my needs are?

complicated-teak-deckWe understand, sometimes the project is tricky to figure out and describe… super long fences, a lot of stonework throughout your yard, or simply multiple decks and stairs that are tough to measure. No problem at all. We would be glad to come out take all the measurements and give you an exact price quote on the spot free of charge.

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