Maintaining outdoor teak

Maintaining Outdoor Teak

teak furniture restorationTeak furniture is a great addition to your patio or porch, but in order to keep it beautiful, it must be maintained.  While teak is considered low-maintenance, there are still things you should do to keep your furniture looking its best and to protect the wood’s integrity for years to come.  When properly treated, teak furniture will last a lifetime, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly woods you can use for outdoor furniture.

Tips for Buying Teak Furniture

Maintaining teak furniture actually starts when you purchase your patio set.  Look for certain characteristics in the teak furniture you buy and you will have much less maintenance!

You want teak that comes from sustainable sources and from carefully controlled plantations that specialize in growing this type of wood.  While almost anyone could theoretically grow teak, the experts know how to assess their wood and sell only top-quality lumber.

When you choose your furniture, look for pieces mad using using traditional construction techniques such as doweled mortise and tenon joints with dowels made of teak.  Cheaper furniture often substitutes lower-grade wood for “hidden” components, a sure sign that the furniture will not last.

Teak Loveseat refinishing

Maintaining Teak Furniture in Three Easy Steps

Keeping teak furniture looking good is not that difficult.  There are really only three things you need to know to keep outdoor teak furniture looking good:

Only oil teak used inside.  Do not oil teak that will be used outside.  This can lead to mildew and may result in irregular coloring as the piece weathers.
Clean with a mild soap and bristle brush.  This will restore the teak to its original honey color.  If you like the gray, weathered look, do not use soap; instead, just let the teak weather naturally, moving the furniture around if some pieces are frequently in shaded areas to provide uniform weathering.
Use a quality teak sealer.  If you want to maintain the “new” look of your teak, you must apply a sealer.  A good quality sealer will be applied about once a year and should not be applied to new teak.  Sealer should only be applied to teak that is clean.

You can also keep your teak looking good by covering it when not in use for long periods of time.  However, do not use plastic tarps; instead, choose a breathable cover such as cotton or linen.

Gentle cleaning when dirty will also extend the life of your teak, but do not use harsh chemicals and always rinse soap away thoroughly.

Teak is very forgiving, but if your furniture develops scratches or stains, you may need to use a light to medium grade sandpaper to remove the spot.  Follow up with light cleaning followed by a good sealer.

Feel free to contact Teak & Deck professionals with any questions about your teak furniture.  We are happy to provide professional cleaning and maintenance of all teak patio sets and furniture for our customers; call us for more information.

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