Teak Refinish

Restoring Weathered Teak

Transforming old, gray outdoor teak wood furniture to a like-new look and feel is our specialty. For more information on our Teak Restoration process click here.

Before table 300x224 Teak Refinish

Before Restoration

After Table 300x224 Teak Refinish

After Restoration

Maintaining Outdoor Teak

Maintaining teak furniture on a regular basis is a key to its longevity and lasting looks. For more information on our Teak Maintenance process click here.
Before Teak 069 300x244 Teak Refinish

After teak 042 300x249 Teak Refinish

Sealing New Teak

Sealing newly purchased teak correctly is the best way to ensure that it stays in top form and can handle our harsh California sun. For more information on our Teak Sealing process click here.
Teak Restor May 07 002 300x224 Teak Refinish

Teak Restor May 07 073 300x224 Teak Refinish

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I never thought our old, gray teak furniture could ever look this good. It has changed the entire look of our backyard. Please call me for the annual maintenance so I can keep it looking this great.

J.B. - Corona del Mar, CA

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