Clean, Restore & Protect Your Weathered Teak Back to Its Original Luster.

If outdoor teak furniture and decks lived in clean air, we could let the wood weather naturally and go on to other things. Unfortunately, the assault of modern-day air pollutants and the proximity to water and plant algae, quickly turns bare teak and wood nearly black. In fact, it only takes a few weeks to see the effects of air pollutants and intense sunlight on anything left outside. Scrubbing only removes some of the stains leaving a blotchy look that’s neither golden nor gray. Most outdoor teak furniture and wood deck owners find themselves unhappy with either look and decide that some treatment is essential.


Nothing brightens the natural appearance of a patio as much as well-maintained teak furniture. Being an owner of teak or other outside hardwood, you are faced with numerous variations on restoring weathered teak, teak maintenance, and wood sealing.

That is why it is important to protect your outdoor teak furniture and deck with the highest quality teak and deck sealers available. Teak & Deck Professionals uses custom teak cleaners and teak wood sealers that are specifically formulated for use in the Southern California climate. These cleaners and sealers are designed for restoring weathered teak and to protect and safeguard your furniture and decks from further damage by the elements. Our custom teak sealers repel water and block harmful U.V. rays giving wood a rich, new appearance. With so many opinions about what works best, it’s difficult to know which way to go. That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional company like ours that understands the very best way to protect and preserve the look and feel of your teak furniture.

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Maintaining Outdoor Teak

While refinishing teak and cleaning teak are our specialties, we also work with you to teach you the right methods for maintaining your outdoor teak furniture.  When you understand the right products and processes to use, you will be better able to maintain the beautiful look and feel of your outdoor teak furniture for years to come.

Of course, we also offer maintenance services so that you never have to worry about damage to your teak furniture.  Our experts are ready to work with you to apply the right maintenance products and to clean teak furniture so that it looks beautiful at all times.

Maintaining teak furniture on a regular basis is a key to its longevity and lasting looks.

Sealing New Teak

Sealing newly purchased teak correctly is the best way to ensure that it stays in top form and can handle our harsh California sun.  In fact, we recommend sealing your furniture immediately, before you ever use it the first time!

The right sealing products will give you long-lasting results and avoid expensive repair or replacement of your teak furniture.  No matter what type of outdoor furniture or teak deck restoration process you need, Teak & Deck professionals can help.  We use only the best sealants that have been proven to stand up to weather, UV radiation and sun.  We can keep your deck or furniture looking great by the use of the right sealers and products.

More information on our Teak Sealing process.

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