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Refinishing, restoring, and sealing teak decks are some of our top services at Teak & Deck Professionals. Our staff has extensive expertise working on a wide range of wooden furniture, fences, doors, gazebos, and decks, and we’re confident we can manage any restoration project in Newport Beach.

Restore your teak decks and wooden furnishes to their former splendor. Reach out to our team today.

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The boat-filled harbor of Newport Beach, a coastal community in the southern part of California, is well-known. The Balboa Peninsula is home to two piers: the Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier and the Balboa Fun Zone, a vintage amusement park featuring a Ferris wheel and ocean vistas. Two nearby beaches include The Wedge, noted for its large surf, and Corona del Mar State Beach. Modern and contemporary pieces are on display at the local Orange County Museum of Art.

Teak Services in Newport Beach

Our highly experienced professionals specialize in restoring and maintaining teak furniture. We’ll help it look natural while still bringing out its beautiful, polished shine. Additionally, we seal teak elements to prevent weather, sunlight, and chemicals from contributing to wear and tear. We always use high-grade sealants and cleaning products, so your furniture will maintain its luster for many years to come.

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Deck Services in Newport Beach

We begin our restoration projects by refinishing worn-out decks. No matter the wood type - redwood, managaris, ipe, teak, or other - we know how to bring it back to life. After refinishing it, we’ll apply a protective covering to prevent the elements from tarnishing the wood’s luster. We’ll also conduct periodic maintenance to keep everything in pristine condition.

Hard Surface Services in Newport Beach

We don’t just help with teak surfaces. Our team can also provide restoration services and long-term protection to concrete, composite, and stone elements. Through our proper treatment techniques, we ensure these materials last for many years to come. We can also re-stain concrete outside to dramatically update a space for a relatively low cost.

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Choose Teak & Deck Professionals for Excellent Teak Restoration and Maintenance Services in Newport Beach

Our teak and deck professionals have been in the business of restoring and maintaining teak for over 15 years. We offer cost-effective solutions to residential and commercial clients in Newport Beach, and we always work on a timely basis. To learn more about how we restore the appearance of old teak wood and decks, reach out to our team. We can also provide testimonials from previous customers in the area.

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