Teak Refinishing: Part of a Good Home Maintenance Program

Home maintenance is more than just teak refinishing.  This article explores some tips to keep your home safe ...
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Teak Sealing Do’s and Don’ts

Teak selling isn't as simple as buying something down at the hardware store and slapping it on a ...
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Teak Sealing: What You Should Know

When the subject of teak sealing comes up, there are a lot of 'experts' out there.  Teak sealing ...
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Teak Care For Business

Teak care isn't just for a home. More than a few businesses use teak as well, and their ...
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Teak Care for Furniture and Flooring

Teak is a versatile wood, however, if you're like most people, it can be broken down into two ...
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Teak Refinishing Professional Tips

Teak refinishing is more than just how to strip and clean wood, or even what products to use.  ...
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Teak Cleaning and Orange County Weather

With warmer weather, you're going to need teak cleaning done fairly quickly.  Why?  Well, if you have a ...
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Teak Cleaning and Spring Time

Teak cleaning in Orange County is a preparation you must make before you entertain your guests. Teak Cleaning ...
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Teak Care and Refinishing-General Information

Get teak refinishing in orange county | (760) 930-6060 This article will highlight some best practices to follow ...
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