Deck Cleaning & Sealing Tips

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Cleaned mangaris deckDeck cleaning and sealing is important part of deck maintenance.  If you have a wood deck attached to your house, you probably enjoy how beautiful it looks as well as how functional it is.  However, it is very important to maintain your deck by performing deck cleaning and sealing on a regular basis.  If you simply build a deck and never do anything else for it, it will begin to look weathered and can eventually lose some of its structural integrity as well as its eye appeal.  A regular deck cleaning and sealing schedule will keep your deck looking its best while keeping it from unnecessary wear and decay.


Use Professionals for Deck Cleaning & Sealing

If you are trying to decide between doing the deck cleaning & sealing yourself or hiring professionals to do it, you may want to know what the process entails before you make your final decision.  Let’s begin with deck cleaning.  You may have read that bleach is the only product needed for cleaning and preparing a wood deck to be sealed.  Actually, very few professionals actually use bleach at all.  It is very caustic and can actually cause a great deal of harm to the wood.

Other solutions that are recommended include a mixture of water and mild detergent and steel wool.  This is definitely not recommended, as it is inevitable that little bits of the steel wool will be left on the wood and will rust as soon as they come in contact with water.  As they begin to rust, they will turn the teak around them orange – and there is not a good remedy for that problem.

This is why professional deck cleaning & sealing companies use only special cleaning products that have been designed for outdoor wood, and often, for specific woods such as Ipe, Mangaris, Teak and Redwood.  These specialists use the best products and proven methods to clean your deck.  They will usually lightly sand the deck after cleaning it to remove the top thin layer of wood so that the deck will more readily accept the sealer.

Depending on the type of wood your deck was built of, different sealers may be required during deck cleaning and sealing.  For instance, if you have a teak deck, a teak sealer is preferred.  If your deck is built of Ipe wood, a very high-quality very thin sealant is used and all excess sealers must be wiped off within about 20 minutes. Working with professionals who understand the needs of the different woods is very important when you are thinking about Deck cleaning & sealing.  If you want your deck to be properly cleaned and sealed, it really is in your best interests to hire professionals.  If you are worried about the cost, just think about how costly it would be to replace the deck if it were irreparably damaged by improper methods of cleaning and sealing.

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