Deck Refinishing Made Easy

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deck refinishingDeck refinishing applies to all types of wood, no matter what your particular deck is made of.  Redwood, Ipe, Mangaris, and Teak are all beautiful hardwoods that are perfect for building a deck out of.  They are durable and long-lasting, and also very beautiful.  However, when your deck was installed, if you didn’t seal it, you probably noticed over time that the wood has changed from beautiful golden honey to a more silvery or gray color.  Even if you had your deck sealed right after it was built, if you have not kept up with the maintenance, your deck may be looking rather gray.  Proper deck refinishing can restore your deck to its original luster and protect your wood from season to season.

Deck Refinishing Can Bring New Life To An Old Deck

Deck refinishing can be a daunting task and is one reason many homeowners leave it to professionals.  Professional deck refinishing companies have not only the right equipment and products, but they also have the experience necessary to do the job right the first time.  Of course, you could do the work yourself, but unless you get your deck refinishing advice and products from professionals, you may be actually harming your deck as you attempt to restore it.

The first thing that must happen when you are refinishing a deck is to clean it thoroughly.  While you may have heard that a power washer is a way to go, unless you are professionally trained in its use, you could cause damage and a very uneven look to your deck.  Some websites will suggest that you use an oxidized bleach to clean the wood, but you could actually discolor the wood instead of simply removing stains.  Most professionals do not use bleach but use products that have been formulated specially to clean your wood without damaging it.

Many professionals will do light sanding after the deck has been thoroughly cleaned.  When you do this yourself, it is important to remember that multi-grit sandpaper needs to be used and that the sanding must only be done in the direction of the grain.  The sanding can remove old layers of sealant that could prevent the new sealant from adhering properly to the wood.  In addition, the light sanding will remove the last of the aged wood that has become gray.

Finally, your professional deck refinishing company will apply a special deck sealant, that will most likely be a penetrating oil-based formula.  This will help its natural colors come out while protecting the wood from the inside out.  Once the deck has been refinished, it is important that you keep it properly maintained on a regular basis in order to prolong its beauty, life, and usefulness.

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