Do’s And Don’ts Of Deck Maintenance

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Wooden deck maintenance apply stain on decking

A deck is a unique feature in every home that adds some extra space to the outdoors and improves a property’s resale value. Decks top the charts as one of the most beloved amenities among homeowners who love spending quality time outdoors. Building this element requires mindful and extensive planning as well as adequate resources to ensure it’s safe and durable. But even after building a top-quality deck, homeowners are advised to develop a proper care and maintenance routine to ensure they have an appealing and functional element for a long time.

The bad news is, maintaining decks is not a simple undertaking. To help homeowners make the right decisions and ensure they have a wonderful place to relax and entertain their guests, below are some practical deck maintenance dos and don’ts:


Clean the Deck Thoroughly At Least Once A Year

Doing an annual deck exfoliation is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your property. You can clean the deck yourself using a utility brush to scrub dirty areas and get rid of any mold or mildew. You can also use pressure washers or power washers to clear any residual that cannot be removed by hand.

Cleaning the deck yourself can sometimes be difficult and can cause additional problems to this element if not done right. For instance, if you use the wrong brush to scrub, you may scratch the surface and leave unsightly marks that could cost you a fortune to repair. To prevent this, schedule an annual deep cleaning procedure with an expert who will use the best industry methods to ensure your deck gets a quality clean. Make sure you do thorough research and only work with the best deck cleaning expert you can trust and afford.

Regularly Inspect the Deck

Decks should be inspected regularly to ensure that cracks, loose elements, rusting, and any other damage are identified and repaired immediately. To keep your deck in pristine condition, inspect it at least once every week. Once you notice any issue, call an expert and have it repaired as soon as possible before it becomes a crisis.

Seal Your Wooden Deck Every Few Years

To give your deck a natural yet durable finish, it must be sealed with a quality sealant after installation. Due to continuous use and exposure to harsh conditions, this sealant fades and must be refreshed every few years. For enhanced results and longevity, seal your horizontal boards at least once every two years.


Don’t Sand Your Deck with a Power Sander

If you have to sand your deck, don’t use a power sander. It has too much power, which could damage the surface. Instead, use 80-grit sandpaper with a pole sander. Remember, sanding should be done 48 hours after the deck is washed and dried. After sanding, make sure you seal the surface to prevent cracking or warping.

Don’t Go DIY Way for Major Procedures

Even though some deck maintenance projects are easy, and can be executed by anyone, avoid taking the DIY route when it comes to major procedures such as deep cleaning, sanding, and deck sealing.  Always turn to a professional to avoid mistakes that could cost hundreds or even thousands of bucks to repair.

Don’t Clean the Deck with a Chlorine Bleach

Unless you want to strip the wood of its natural, good-looking color and destroy its cellular structure, don’t use chlorine bleach to clean the deck. Instead, opt for an oxygen bleach, which will provide a perfect clean while maintaining the wood’s natural color.

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