How Winter Really Affects Your Teak Furniture or Hardwood Deck

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winter affects teak furniture

Most people think our rainy season here in Southern California has a bad effect on their outdoor teak furniture or hardwood deck.  It’s actually the strength of the sun, and the number of sunny days that we have, that has a much greater impact on the longevity of your outdoor wood items than the amount of rain we receive. None of the fully penetrating sealers that we use are impacted by the rain in any way but that sun can do a real job on anything!

That’s why it’s the dryness of the winter (more specifically the sunniness!) that has the greatest impact on the duration of your current sealer’s protection. For example, this current winter is one of the sunniest we’ve experienced, with only a couple of spells of gray weather and an abundance of bright sunny days. It should not be unusual then, for your outdoor wood items to be weathering faster this winter than during past ones. In fact, we’ve seen proof of this in almost all of the customers who we’ve performed maintenance services for this winter.

Before and After Furniture

If you find that your teak furniture pieces or hardwood deck may be fading more quickly than you are accustomed to, our sunny winter may be the culprit. Luckily, a March maintenance service can both remedy this lighter look while readying yours outdoors for the coming season.

We realize that many people like to wait until April or May before scheduling their maintenance, but this year March may, in fact, be the prime month to ensure your year-round protection truly is year-round!

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