New Video of Redwood Deck Refinishing in Orange County and San Diego

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Redwood Deck

Deck Refinishing San Diego & Orange County

Teak & Deck Professionals is proud to showcase yet another redwood deck transformation in San Diego.  A video of this complete deck refinishing project can be viewed by clicking here: Redwood Deck Refinishing in San Diego, Orange County & Los Angeles.  This video shows dramatic before and after pictures of a typical redwood deck restoration project by Teak & Deck Professionals.  The deck profiled in this video had been treated nine months prior in an inappropriate manner so the pros at Teak & Deck had to undo all the wrongs before they could make things right. As you can see, the results are quite dramatic.

Most of the decks we see are well constructed but have not been taken care of properly.   By thoroughly cleaning the deck surface, sanding where necessary, and then sealing with the proper type of sealer for that particular wood type, deck refinishing can make a tired deck look and feel brand new again. Anyone can powerwash a deck; only a true professional can treat a deck so it ages gracefully and is easy to maintain in the future. Our goal at Teak & Deck Professionals is to work with customers who care about their decks and would only want the best materials and workmanship utilized in the process.

For more pictures of equally dramatic deck transformations completed by Teak & Deck Professionals, give us a call at (760) 930-6060.  We will be glad to answer your every question.

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