Outdoor Teak Maintenance

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Outdoor teak maintenance has to be done on a regular schedule, particularly if you have a deck.  Why?  It’s because of the nature of Orange County weather.

Teak Care in a Coastal Desert

Get teak mainteance done in Orange County.

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While Orange County is blessed by nearly perfect weather year round, it does have inclement weather that can cause damage to your teak.  The marine layer that comes in every night in Southern California is part of it.  Unlike fog, a marine layer forms on its own.  However, it also brings moisture, which can cause fungus to grow on your deck surface, particularly if you have not done teak sealing in a while.  However, the marine layer is just part of the weather issues that may affect your teak furniture or decking.  There are also the Santa Ana winds.

The Santa Ana winds are extremely dry and very strong offshore winds that hit coastal Southern California in fall and winter. They range from cold to hot, and come from the deserts. In fact the hotter winds used to be called devil winds. Why they matter to teak is that they can easily dry out your teak decking or worse damage your teak especially if they are strong enough. And considering that Santa Ana winds can hit 65-70 mph easily, the possibilities for damage are very real. Fine grit can scratch the surface of your teak and require you to get teak refinishing done on it to repair it.

Teak Maintenance Services in Orange County

Any deck service in Orange County knows about the unique weather of Southern California, and knows also how to protect and maintain your teak from getting damage and even reverse any damage that may already be there.  It is all in how to take care of what is truly a remarkable wood.

So if you live in Orange County, or anywhere in Southern California, know about the weather.  Cover up your teak when the marine layer comes in, and put your furniture safely away when the Santa Ana winds come barreling in, and most of all, get a teak maintenance company in Orange County to come in and take care of your furniture and decking.

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