Professional Teak Refinishing Can Make Your Teak New Again!

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Refinished teak furnitureTeak refinishing is oftentimes a misunderstood subject.  Many people prefer teak furniture to other types of outdoor wood furniture. However, this wood, like any wood, tends to change color over time if it is constantly exposed to sunlight and weather changes.  While the teak itself usually receives minimal damage, the color does change. However, with teak refinishing, the teak can regain its original color and look.

Some people enjoy and even prefer the grayish color of teak that has been exposed to weather and believe that it adds to the vintage feel of the furniture. However, many people prefer the brighter honey color of the new teak. Whether you are a homeowner who prefers teak or a vintage furniture collector, you will be happy to know that with teak refinishing, old furniture can look nearly new again.


Knowing What to Look For In a Professional teak refinishing Company

There is a lot of work involved in teak refinishing, and most people prefer to leave this type of project up to professionals so that everything is done properly. However, if you know what needs to happen, you can find a professional who follows all of the proper procedures when performing teak refinishing.

For instance, the professional outdoor wood specialist should clean the teak with soap that is specially designed for teak so that dust and dirt are removed prior to sanding. Proper sanding is the key to restoring the teak to its original honey color. Professionals understand that sanding must be done in only the direction that follows the grain and that the wood should not be sanded too hard. All areas of the furniture need to be treated to the same amount of sand so that the overall effect is even and so that there is no gray left showing.

Professionals understand the need to carefully remove the residue from the sanding and then apply a specialized teak sealer l in order to restore the natural color to the wood. They understand how many coats need to be applied and how long to wait between coats.

When you are searching for a professional to do your teak refinishing, it is a good idea to speak with them about the process used so that you feel comfortable with the job that will be done. Make sure they have an office, are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and use only their own employees and never sub-contractors.  If you have a set of teak furniture that has been outside long enough to turn gray and you want it restored to the original honey color, you should be able to find a professional experienced in teak refinishing who can do the job right for you.

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