Teak Care and Deck Maintenance Part 1

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Deck maintenance is a big part of teak care. And considering how much teak can cost, you definitely want to keep it up…

Teak Care:  A Cheaper Alternative

Teak Cleaning

Teak Restoration

Even places that offer ‘wholesale’ pricing don’t give you teak for free.  In fact, a new chair can run you as much as $500, and as for decking, a teak deck is even more expensive.  You could easily shell up to $50,000 on a new deck.  That’s why you want to maintain your teak.

The teak deck is beautiful and needs very little care.   At least once a year, you should perform teak maintenance on it.  Without the maintenance, your teak with start to gray.  And a lot can age teak.  As a rule, a deck is flat, which means that a lot of grit and sand can get trapped on it.  In addition to this, the sun itself and the rain start to age your teak, so that it goes to a silvery gray color.

Teak Maintenance and You

Does all teak maintenance involve a company like ours?  Quite the contrary.  You can do a bit of your own care yourself.  First off, make sure you sweep your deck at least once a week, particularly after any high winds.  If you want to scrub your desk, make sure you don’t use any hard-bristled brushes, and keep the grain of the wood in mind when you scrub.

If you don’t know what to do, faking it is never a good idea.  Teak has both hard and soft sections, so you could easily damage the wood.  You also want to be careful of products like teak oil, or any harsh chemical cleansers, or you could literally eat your wood away on the deck.  What you want to do when you’re in doubt, is call a professional teak cleaning service.

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