Teak Care and Deck Maintenance Part 2

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Part two of a three-part series on teak care explores how to care for furniture as well as your deck. And both decking and furniture require different care from each other.

Teak Care: Avoid Teak Oil

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First off, one of the primary methods of teak deck cleaning is to use a high-pressure spray to clean it.  However, that only works on a deck.  Even though teak furniture is fairly sturdy, a high-pressure hose could damage or even destroy your furniture.  For furniture, you want to use a neutral pH cleaner like dish-washing soap and a bit of water. Wipe down your teak gently, blot it dry and then let it dry naturally.

Like when you are doing teak maintenance on your furniture, make sure you are not using anything like teak oil.  Teak has a naturally high oil content already.  If you add oil to it, it will most likely pool on the surface making your furniture unusable for a while.  Also, while teak oil can make your teak look beautiful, it comes at a very high price.  Over time, teak oil leaves a bit of residue that basically gets gummy.  Then you have to refinish the surface of your furniture.  Teak oil should also not be used on your teak decking either.

Teak Care Checklist:  Teak Decks

Teak decks require comparable care to teak furniture except for key differences.  With a teak deck, you can use a slightly stronger chemical cleaner, as well as high-pressure water, either steam or cold water.  Like teak furniture, teak sealing can help to keep up the beauty.  How often should you do teak deck maintenance?  The minimum is once a year.  A good rule of thumb is every six months, and ideally, you may want to have a service come in once every quarter.

Should you do it yourself to save money?  Well, if you truly know what you’re doing, then yes.  However, if there is even a smidgen of doubt about what you’re doing could be very expensive.  Teak for example can become discolored, or rot if you mistreat it.  Teak can also weather to the point that it is gray.  Your best bet is to call in a teak cleaning service.

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