Teak Care and Refinishing-General Information

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This article will highlight some best practices to follow regarding teak care to protect your investment.

Teak Care: Steps to Take

  • Get teak cleaning done on a regular basis.  A good schedule to follow is annually or semi-annually.
  • If your teak is starting to show its age, reverse the damage by getting teak refinishing done.  Refinishing your teak will help it to keep its caramel color.
  • Use care when you’re doing follow-up teak cleaning.  Teak, even though it is hardwood, has soft spots as well as firmer spots.

Teak Cleaning in Orange County:  Things to Be Aware Of

Teak cleaning in Orange County has additional steps that you have to take.  Orange County, like most of Southern California, is a coastal desert.  While this makes for a nearly idyllic climate, Orange County has some weather extremes, however, such as the Santa Ana winds, heat waves during summer, and coastal areas exposed to saltwater.

  • In the event of any harsher weather conditions, cover teak furniture or move it into storage.  Have a company that does teak sealing also come in if necessary.
  • Teak deck cleaning may be necessary in the event of high winds, as grit and dirt can score or scratch the surface of the deck.
  • Don’t try to do your own teak sealing particularly where a deck is concerned.  Some products can cause your teak to lose its non-slip features if it is sealed.

Teak Care: Some Final Thoughts

  • Make no mistake that replacing your teak is expensive. Taking good care of your teak proactively is much cheaper than replacing it all.
  • Always hire a professional to take care of your teak.  A teak refinishing service has years, if not decades of experience.
  • Having teak furniture or decking in Orange County and throughout Southern California makes a lot of sense, particularly with the high price of real estate.  Just remember that like all things with your home, you have to keep it up.

Teak & Deck Professionals is a teak refinishing company based in Southern California.

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