Teak Care for Furniture and Flooring

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Teak is a versatile wood, however, if you’re like most people, it can be broken down into two main categories:  furniture and flooring.  This article will explore proper care for both.

Orange County and Teak Maintenance

Teak Cleaning

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Teak furniture fits into two categories:  indoor teak, and outdoor teak.  As a rule, indoor teak is already varnished and sealed, so it usually requires nominal cleaning every now and then.  Usually, dusting will suffice.  Outdoor furniture requires a bit more teak maintenance.  We’ve covered the Santa Ana winds and the marine layer, but there is another ever present part of living where we do that can require you to do teak cleaning in Orange County:  smog.

Smog is such a part of life in the L.A. area that most people wouldn’t be able to perceive the Los Angeles skyline without it.  However, it also leaves a grimy residue on every surface that you have to clean off every now and then. If you go about teak cleaning you can remove this residue.  Cleaning outdoor furniture can be easy if you keep your furniture covered, and usually you won’t need to do much more than a light wipe down with some soapy water.

When to Call in a Teak Cleaning Service in Orange County

At what point do you realize you can’t clean your teak furniture on your own?  Simple.  If you have cleaned it as well as you can, and you can’t clean it any further without damaging your teak, and believe us you will know when that is.  Then you need to call in a professional. The same holds true for a teak deck.

Teak deck restoration is a bit more tricky than simple cleaning.  Usually to do a proper job of it, you have to follow several steps including sanding, stripping and cleaning.  To protect it further, you want to apply sealant to it.

If you follow the right procedures, your teak will last a long time.  So know what you may and may not do safely with your teak, and know your own limits.  For the rest, call in a professional teak refinishing service in Orange County, California.

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