Teak Care Part 2: Teak Deck Maintenance

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Part two of a series on teak care explores the proper care of decking.  Be sure to read part one and part three of this series as well.

Teak Deck: Boat Vs. House

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Teak deck care

How you care for a teak deck depends entirely upon whether it is marine-based or whether it is for your home.  First off, we’ll cover your boat.  There are several different marinas throughout Southern California.  In the San Diego area, you have Coronado, Chula Vista, San Diego, Oceanside, and National City.  As you go up the coast,  you find marinas in Dana Point all the way up to Long Beach.  If you have a sailboat, odds are the deck is made of teak.

Why is teak used so heavily to make boat decks out of?  Well, it is part of the unique composition of teak.  Teak is a natural hardwood, that is rich in oil content.  Since it produces so much oil, it is naturally water-resistant, and it is also slip-resistant.  So if you have a boat, you want to make sure that you don’t varnish your deck, or put any sort of sealer than will cause it to lose slip resistance or its water resistance as well.  But what about if you have a house?

Teak Deck Care For Home

If you have a teak deck at your home, then you can apply a teak sealer to it.  You have to call a teak care service in Southern California to make sure you’re not damaging your teak, however, there are a few steps both before and after you apply the sealer to it.  You also want to make sure you’re not getting something low quality, as there are a lot of fly-by-night products out there.

So if you have a boat, you require a different level of care for your teak than you do if you have a home.  But what happens if you have a houseboat?  Well, it is a boat first and a house second, so use proper teak care for a boat.

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