Teak Furniture Restoration Can Make Your Teak New Again

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Restored Teak ChairsYour teak furniture is very durable, which is one of the reasons you selected teak in the first place but teak furniture restoration will still be something that you need to deal with.  Perhaps you were aware that the exposure of your teak outdoor furniture would mean that it eventually will become a gray or silver color. If you prefer the golden honey color of new teak, Teak Furniture Restoration can be done to restore that luster to your outdoor furniture.  There are even professional teak restoration companies that you can use so you won’t have to spend countless hours doing the job yourself.



Teak Furniture Restoration Can Restore Your Teak Furniture To Its Original Beauty

The Teak Furniture Restoration process begins with a thorough cleaning. For most people, this means using a soft scrub brush and some water with a mild detergent added to it.  If your furniture is just beginning to turn gray, this gentle scrubbing may be all the restoration that is necessary.  However, if your teak has been stained over the years or it has been a long time since you did any maintenance on it, it is best to contact a professional Teak Furniture Restoration company to come and do a professional cleaning.

The teak furniture restoration company should have all of the tools and products necessary to fully restore your teak furniture.  Professionals use cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for the unique qualities of teak.  Cleaning will be done thoroughly.  Often, if the furniture has been exposed to the elements for a long time, a light sanding will be required in order to remove the gray layer of the wood and also to allow the teak sealer to properly penetrate the furniture.

A professional teak restoration company will use teak wood sealers that are not only formulated to work specifically with teak, but are also designed to protect the wood from the particular climate in which the furniture resides.  Most professional teak sealers will block the harmful U.V. rays that the sun produces and will also repel water.  Of course, they also restore the original luster and color of your teak furniture.

By protecting your furniture with a sealer after it has been thoroughly cleaned, you can help it to keep its beauty for many years to come.  Teak is a durable hardwood that is often guaranteed for many years.  By keeping it protected and clean, you can prolong its life and maintain its usefulness.  By working with a professional wood furniture restoration company, you can enjoy your outdoor teak furniture for many years. In addition, the company may even come out to your home to do the work for you.

Once your teak furniture has been restored, if you keep it maintained regularly, you will not have to have it restored again for a long time.  Proper maintenance is the key to teak furniture’s longevity.

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