Teak Maintenance Tips

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At Teak & Deck Professionals, we take our job of helping you maintain beautiful outdoor spaces very seriously.  Our quality deck sealers at https://teakanddeck.com/deck-sealers/ and teak maintenance at https://teakanddeck.com/teak-refinishing/teak-maintenance/ are designed to help you keep your entire outdoors looking great for years to come.

Sometimes, we find that a little knowledge is very helpful for homeowners who want to be sure that they are doing the right thing to keep their patio furniture beautiful between maintenance visits.  Here are some tips and facts from us about your teak furniture that you may find useful.

A Little About Teak

Teak wood is one of the most durable hardwoods known to man.  However, it is important to buy only quality teak furniture as many cheaper manufacturers cut corners in the construction of teak furniture.  Ideally, your dowels and all pieces of your teak patio set should be made of teak, not cheap substitutes like pine.

Teak is grown internationally in tropical climates and can be sourced from several countries including Burma, India, Malaysia and Thailand.  Naturalized varieties are also grown in Africa and the Caribbean and seem to be of comparable quality to Asian teak.  A quality teak furniture manufacturer will only buy from reputable, sustainable teak growers.

Tips for Teak Maintenance

Teak needs very little help to look beautiful.  However, there are a few things you can do to keep your furniture at its best, including:

  • Do not oil teak.  Teak should only be oiled if it is going to be used indoors where there is much less natural humidity and the air may be relatively cold.  Oil may also cause your teak furniture to mildew.
  • Decide if you like the gray or the honey look.  You use different methods to achieve each look, so it is important to know which you want.  Many people love the gray, weathered look of teak, which is unlike the look of any other wood.  Others prefer the “new” look.  Weathering takes six to eight months.  During this time, spots may appear but will even out over time.  If you want to preserve the new look, various teak cleaners and sealers are available to keep your teak from weathering.  We can help you choose the right products and set up a regular maintenance schedule to give you the help you need to keep your furniture looking great.
  • Clean regularly.  Whether your teak furniture is sealed or not, a regular cleaning with mild soap and water will give your furniture the boost it needs to look great.

For more information on keeping your teak furniture beautiful, contact us today!

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