Teak Refinishing and Your Teak Part 3: Indoor Teak Furniture

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In part of a three part article on teak refinishing, we are covering caring for indoor teak furniture. Does indoor furniture need the same level of care that outdoor furniture does?  We’re glad you asked.

Teak Refinishing: Is It Necessary on Indoor Furniture?

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Indoor teak furniture obviously doesn’t need the level of teak refinishing that outdoor furniture does.  It’s not exposed to the elements, however, even indoor teak can do with a bit of cleaning and refinishing.  Earth tones are highly desired because they go with practically any decor.   Grayed teak doesn’t go with as much.

Sometimes all you need to do with indoor furniture is to a bit of teak cleaning, and you won’t even need refinishing at all.  As indoor teak furniture doesn’t need slip resistance, you can actually put protective resin on the surface, or even varnish.  However, instead of trying it and possibly ruining your furniture, you want to call a teak service to come in and do it.  Why?  Well, have you looked at how much teak is?   A decent teak chair can be as high as $200.  And you may not have to replace just one chair.   Let’s say you have a dining room set, a table, and four chairs.  If one of the chairs loses its appearance, you’re going to either have to replace all of the chairs or come up with some sort of band-aid fix like a chair cover.  However, there is another far cheaper solution.

Indoor Furniture:  Teak Refurbishing

Teak refurbishing is another option that’s open to you.  With the help of the right service, you can even get your teak back to the original rich caramel color.  Instead of replacing your furniture, using this method will allow you to keep all of your chairs matching, and save you hundreds of dollars in replacing them.

And you must be cautious about store-bought teak refinishing products.  Some of them are not designed specifically for teak and can scar your wood.  And again, teak costs a lot of money, so you don’t want that.

This concludes part three of our series on teak refinishing tips.  Be sure to read part one and two of this teak refinishing series as well.

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