Teak Refinishing Professional Tips

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Teak refinishing is more than just how to strip and clean wood, or even what products to use.  It is a practice that you should always follow.

Teak Care: What to Use

Teak refinishing by a professional service

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If you look up teak care, you’ll find a lot of contradictory advice out there. Use oil. Don’t use oil. Lemon juice is good for teak. Lemon juice is bad for teak, to name just a few. First off, let’s cover what is safe to use on your teak, and then we’ll cover what you should avoid.

Safe Items for Teak Care:  neutral pH cleaners such as dishwashing soap, tap water, soft-bristled brushes, high-pressure hose, and light sanding.  Dishwashing soap is completely non-reactive, which means that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted chemical side effects.  Soft-bristled brushes can be used effectively, as long as you either stroke diagonally across the grain of the wood, or with.  High-pressure hoses can be used, as long as they are aimed obliquely.  Teak has both soft patches and hard patches.  You don’t want to damage the wood by aiming high-pressure water at it.  Use medium or fine grain sandpaper if you want to sand your deck.

Teak Care: What NOT to Use

Unsafe Items for Teak Care: lemon juice, vinegar, anything acid-based, strong solvents, or oil.  Lemon juice, like any citrus, is highly acidic. The same holds true for vinegar.  If you use any acid-based cleaner on the softer portions of your wood, you run the risk of scoring it and damaging it beyond repair.  Strong solvents will cause the oil naturally present in the teak to dissipate, leaving your teak brittle and prone to drying.  On the other side, since teak is naturally oily, adding oil would also be a bad idea, as if there is no place for the oil to go, it will leave a stain behind.

All of the unsafe items above are listed by a lot of so-called experts out there as being good for your teak.  That is usually where we get called in and have to do a major teak refinishing job.

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