Teak Sealing: What You Should Know

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When the subject of teak sealing comes up, there are a lot of ‘experts’ out there.  Teak sealing should be done.  Teak sealing sometimes should be carried out.  You should never do teak sealing.  Which is correct?

Teak Sealing in Orange County:  Should You or Shouldn’t You?


Teak sealing in orange county

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Teak sealing, if done correctly and with the right products, can help to protect your teak from weathering; however, you have to know when and where to apply it.  You also have to know what you should and shouldn’t use.   Why do you need so much information?

Well, for one thing, applying teak sealer to a boat deck where slip-resistance is important could be potentially dangerous.  One of the reasons teak is heavily used for boat decks is that it has a high oil content and as such makes for safer footing.   Too much sealer or the wrong type can detract from that feature.

Teak Sealing: What To Avoid

Store-bought teak sealer is often of dubious quality.  Too many times, its main ingredient is teak oil or some other type of oil base.

Even water-based teak sealer may have ingredients that could be harmful both to your health and your teak.  A lot of store-bought products contain xylene, which is also one of the ingredients of paint thinner.  Xylene can damage your lungs, and vital organs, and can also cause damage to your teak.  Think about it.  Xylene is also used in paint thinner and nail polish remover, and it is a solvent.

So what type of teak sealer do you use?  You want a professional-grade teak sealer that is water-based.  It is hard to find, however.

You also have to know how to safely apply it and use it.  When in doubt, don’t try this at home, or you may have to be taken to a poison control center if you accidentally inhale it or get it on your skin.  Your best bet is to contact a company to apply the teak sealer for you.

Professional teak sealing can often give you a choice of finishes and shades to make your teak look its best.  You can apply a satin, flat, or gloss finish.

So, know what to do and what not to do.  Or call someone who does know all of this: a professional teak sealing company in Orange County.

If you need to seal your teak, call Teak & Deck Professionals.  We have the experience, and all the knowledge to give your teak a new look.  Call us today.

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