Teak Weathering and Teak Restoration

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Teak refinishing is not as hard as a lot of people think.  In fact it’s fairly easy.

Teak Refinishing: Deck Vs. Furniture

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Teak Refinishing gets the gray out

There is a lot of information out there about teak refinishing. Seems like everyone has a different and proven way of turning your teak from weathered gray to rich caramel brown. One expert will tell you with complete authority to sandblast your furniture, while another one will say that no, coarse grain sandpaper and high-pressure water are best.  However, while the internet is definitely a great resource about a lot of home improvement projects, a lot of the stuff about teak is dead wrong.

Teak restoration is not as easy as it may seem. What works on a teak deck does not work on furniture.  It makes sense if you think about it.  A teak deck is obviously more durable than teak furniture is.  There are certain universal things to avoid for all types of teak, however.


Teak Care No-Nos

Teak care is knowing what to do and what not to do.  The first thing that you never want to do is paint your teak.  If you paint your teak, you’re going to need a teak refinishing company to come in and remove all of the paint via sanding, and you have a good chance of your teak being permanently ruined?  Why?  Well, while teak can be painted, it also is meant to be natural, so if you paint it, you take away all of its slip resistance, as well as slowly kill the wood.  It is also a slippery slope that you will have to paint it all the time to keep it up.  Painting though is just one teak no.

Oiling teak is also out, as is varnish.  Again, it will ruin the slip resistance of the teak.  So, your best bet is to call a professional for teak refinishing in Orange County.

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