Tips on Sealing and Maintaining Wood Decks

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Maintaining your wood deck is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your home’s value.  A home Deck adds great value to homes; in fact, a recent survey suggested that decks can cause homeowners to recoup nearly 81 percent of their investment!  Therefore, adding a deck makes sense if you are thinking of selling.  Decks also add great enjoyment to your family life, providing an outdoor space to eat, play, relax and visit with friends.  As shown in a recent article on the value of building a home deck, shows that it enables families to build an “outdoor room” without the high cost of enclosed room additions.  However, any deck is only as good as its maintenance, so it is important to maintain your deck to the highest possible standards.

Maintaining Your Deck Starts With Sealers

Deck sealers are the foundation of a successful deck maintenance regimen.  Here in LA, San Diego or Orange County decks are subject to a great deal of weathering from the strong sun, salty sea air, and damp fog, to the pollution in the air.  A deck sealer, as the name implies can help seal out the impact of these elements.  While sealing a deck is a pretty simple concept, many homeowners don’t realize that the type of sealer you use should match the wood you have and the environment you live in.  Sealing frequency is also important as you don’t want to allow the wood to go exposed to the elements, but you don’t want to saturate your wood with sealers either.

Here are 5 key tips for maintaining your outdoor deck:

  • Determine the type of wood your deck is made of.
    The type of would you have will determine the type of sealer you need and how frequently the wood should be refinished and sealed.
  • Decide the color you would like your deck to be
    Sealers can be tinted to give color to your deck. Generally, you would want to bring out the natural beauty and color of your wood as opposed to “changing” its color altogether. Working with what you have almost always turned out better than making it a color it was not intended to be.
  • Determine the specific environmental elements that can impact the life of your deck
    Sun, Salt, Pollution, high foot traffic, shade, and rain can all have a major impact on the type of sealer you will need to use.
  • Determine when the last time your deck has been sealed if ever
    If you have a new deck, it should be sealed a few weeks after it was installed. Generally, a sealed deck will start to fade and become unprotected after a year. The amount of sun and weather your deck is exposed to can dramatically change this timeline. If you have any areas that have lost color, look gray, or silvered your deck is overdue for a refinishing and seal.
  • Choose a sealer that meets the requirements of your type of wood and the color you desire.
    This is where we can help you a great deal. Sealers sold in the local handyman store market their product as if it works wonders on ALL woods. It may “work” but you will likely be the one wondering… what happened a few months down the road. With a quick review of your wood and the environment, your deck is in we can recommend the perfect sealer match for your deck.

Teak and Deck has spent years studying wooden decks and how to refinish, seal and maintain them successfully.  Through a simple in-person evaluation, we can help you find the right way to seal, preserve and protect your deck investment for years to come.

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