Why You Should Stain Your Teak Fence

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Why You Should Stain Your Teak Fence

Teak is an extremely popular choice for furniture and things around the house such as your decks and fences. Teak wood is derived from deciduous trees and is highly valued in the market today. Its origin of usage can be traced back to India close to 2 millennium ago and is remains as one of the most beloved materials. It has been used for making everything from hardwood floors, to window frames. Teak wood is known to be highly durable and resistant to water. However, this article will zoom in on the benefits of staining your teak fence.

Staining Versus Painting

One of the best properties of teak wood is that it contains a lot of natural oils that prevent the wood from rotting and being damaged by water. However, this also makes painting over it a very difficult process because the oils prevent the paint from adhering to the surface of the wood. As such, painting over teak is not the smartest idea. On the other hand, once you have properly applied teak sealer on your fence and sanded it sufficiently, you will be able to successfully stain it to give it a more appealing visual.

Protection from Elements

Since it is highly likely that your teak fence is placed outdoors, be it in your yard or surrounding your home, chances are that it will be exposed to the harsh elements of nature. It will be in constant contact with dirt, wind, and might be affected by air pollution, resulting in the degradation of the color and surface of the teak. Pollen from nearby plants can also easily build up on the teak. This can clog up the pores of the fence and cause the colors to fade as well. Hence, when you invest in professional teak cleaning and staining, you stand to protect your teak fence from these elements. Staining and sealing your teak fence will ensure that it looks brand new again regardless of how weathered it currently looks.

It is Versatile

For most homeowners, relaxing in their backyard is the best part of their day. Many working people appreciate the time that they can spend with their family in their fenced yard. It is simply the optimal location to host guests or calm down with a bottle of wine to unwind from the stresses of the day. As such, making sure that your teak fence is visually appealing and matches your style is very important. Staining your teak fence will allow you to refinish it in a way that will match any new furniture or style that you want to adopt for your home.

Prolong the Life of Your Teak Fence

Usually, the reason for staining fences is that it is starting to look faded and used after years of exposure to the outdoors. In fact, it is common that fences are stained by painters who do not have much experience in the field, resulting in the usage of unsuitable products in that process. When you hire a professional stainer, you will be advised on the best products and methods that should be undertaken based on the type of fence you have and the condition it is in. Re-staining your fence can be a tedious and cumbersome process to deal with yourself, so hiring a professional is a much better option.

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