Teak Deck Care

How To Restore Teak

San Diego Teak Refinishing in the Summer Months

This time of year is especially trying for San Diego Teak Refinishing. Why? With the season’s warmer temperatures, many customers of properly maintained teak will experience the unsightly appearance of naturally occurring teak oil on their wood surfaces. Naturally occurring teak oil (not the kind purchased at retail!) will make furniture look splotchy and can even cause drips onto cushions and patios. Not what most teak owners are looking for out of their beautiful teak furniture!

Teak Oil & San Diego […]

Teak Sealing in Orange County: Preparing for Winter Weather

Teak sealing in Orange County is necessary to protect your teak from the fog and other inclement weather that is common this time of year.
Orange County and Teak Care

Being a temperate coastal desert, Orange County receives a lot of precipitation this time of year.  Rain is common from now until March, and in some cases, we can even have hailstorms.  Even rarer is the odd snowfall.  All of these things combined with the Santa Ana winds can cause damage […]

Teak Care Part 2: Teak Deck Maintenance

Part two of a series on teak care explores the proper care of decking.  Be sure to read part one and part three of this series as well.
Teak Deck: Boat Vs. House

How  you care for a teak deck depends entirely upon whether it is marine based or whether it is for your home.  First off, we’ll cover your boat.  There are several different marinas throughout Southern California.  In the San Diego area, you have Coronado, Chula Vista, San Diego, […]