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Transparent vs. Semi-Transparent Sealers

At Teak & Deck Professionals, we are committed to helping our clients understand the best ways to protect their investment in a hardwood deck or teak furniture.  We know that your deck and outdoor furniture represent a significant amount of money, so we want to help you ensure that you take the best care possible of these items.

What Is The Difference Between A Transparent and a Semi-Transparent Sealer?

A transparent sealer is one that is perfectly clear so that it […]

Teak Sealing Part 2: Protecting Your Teak from the Weather

Part two of a series on teak sealing explores how to protect your outdoor teak furniture from the effects of the weather.
Orange County and Teak Sealing: “Nearly Ideal” Weather

Orange County is blessed with nearly ideal weather.  Notice we said nearly ideal.  During winter, we have some fierce storms sometimes, and we also have the Santa Ana winds in fall.  The Los Angeles area is a coastal desert valley, so all that moisture and wind has to go somewhere.  As a result, […]

Teak Sealing Part 1: Protecting Outdoor Teak From Man-Made Problems

Teak sealing helps to protect your teak from a multitude of problems, both natural and man-made.
Pollution and Teak Sealing

If you live anywhere in or near Orange County, California, as  you’re aware, sometimes pollution is a problem. Because of being surrounded by mountains, Los Angeles has a pollution problem that spreads throughout Orange County as well as out east to Riverside.  The effects of pollution on one’s health are fairly well-documented, but what is the effect of air pollution on […]

Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 3: After Refinishing

Part three of our series on teak sealing in Orange County explores sealing teak after a refinishing job is done.
Why You Should Do Teak Sealing as Part of a Teak Refinishing Project

As a professional teak refinishing service, we do not believe that any teak refinishing project is complete without sealing. Whenever you refinish teak, you want to keep that look as long as you can, otherwise it can start to gray.  We’re past the June Gloom here in Orange […]

Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 2: New Teak Furniture

Part two of our series on teak sealing in Orange County, explores when you should seal teak furniture.  The answer depends on whether it is indoors or outdoors. Be sure to read part one of this series as well as part three.
When Should You Seal New Teak Furniture?

When you should seal new teak furniture depends on whether it is indoor teak or outdoor teak.  If if is indoor teak furniture, sealing can be at any time, and is done […]

Teak Sealing Do’s and Don’ts

Teak sealingisn’t as simple as buying something down at the hardware store and slapping it on a deck or furniture.   You have to be careful of what can go wrong.  Teak oil for example, is not the greatest thing to apply, regardless of what the ‘pros” say.
Teak Sealing: Don’t Use Teak Oil

Teak already has oil in it.  In fact teak naturally has one of the highest oil contents of any wood around.  Applying oil to a wood that already […]

Teak Refinishing Now on Thumbtack.com

Teak & Deck Professionals is now featured on Thumbtack.com as a trusted teak furniture refinisher in Southern California. With over 14 years of experience treating teak and other fine outdoor woods of all types, Teak & Deck Professionals is a premium restorer and maintainer for both residential and commercial settings.  With one simple call, we can answer all of your outdoor wood maintenance questions and concerns and often times present a customized quote during that initial call. Give us […]

Teak Cleaning: Best Practices

Teak Cleaning: A Good Invesment
Teak cleaning is something that helps your teak keep up its appearance.  Teak is durable, and one of the most popular hardwoods used in the world.  Originally from Southeast Asia, it is now cultivated throughout the tropical regions of the world. It is used to make everything from carvings to furniture.  Because it is very slip resistant, teak is used heavily to make boat decks.
Who Does Teak Cleaning?
Teak cleaning is best done by a teak […]

Teak Furniture Refinishing in Orange County CA

Companies that offer teak refinishing in Orange County, CA help your teak furniture look its best.
Teak Refinishing and Outdoor Events

Teak patio furniture is wonderful to entertain guests with any sort of outdoor gathering.  Orange County is blessed with a mild climate that practically encourages entertaining.  Whether it is a barbeque or a pool party, or both, when the weather’s beautiful, most people would rather be outside enjoying the sun.  As a host or hostess, you want your guests to […]

Top Reasons for Getting Teak Restoration in Orange County Done

Why get teak refinishing in Orange County? Simple, it protects and beautifies one of your home’s most lustrous add-ons: your teak decking and furniture.  Living as we do in southern California, we are blessed with abundant sunshine and best of all a pleasant and temperate climate.  This is the land of outdoor parties, and who wouldn’t want to be outside when its sunny and 70 degrees? 
Teak Refinishing in Orange County: Projecting the Right Image
While substance is of course the most […]