Outdoor Teak Furniture Maintenance

Teak is an increasingly popular choice of material for outdoor furniture because of its durability and the low level of maintenance involved. If you do not have the time or desire to maintain your furniture regularly, just a cleaning every now and then will suffice for teak furniture, which will take on a lovely silver-grey […]

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Top Things To Consider Before Staining Your Concrete

Stains instead of paints are used to add color to concrete. The translucent quality enables stains to penetrate and react chemically with the porous concrete to provide a fade-resistant color. Unlike paint, stains don’t chip or peel. Give your dull and worn out concrete a lustrous look by applying a concrete stain that will both […]

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Staining, Sealing & Maintaining Your Deck

Decks, being the outdoor addition to every house, is one of the most eye-catching elements. Homeowners who want to establish a strong first image put a lot of effort into maintaining their decks’ quality. It is not an easy task to preserve the fresh look of a deck. Most homeowners find it particularly hard to […]

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