Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining and Paver Staining

Old concrete can take on a look of its own over the years. Concrete is fairly porous so its appearance is greatly affected by all the things that come in contact with it. If your concrete was either previously stained and has lost its color, or was never stained and just isn’t looking so great, we can assist in staining your concrete to an attractive tone that will liven up any outdoor environment.

To stain concrete, Teak & Deck Professionals first cleans and etches the concrete to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible and that the concrete is as porous as possible to readily accept the new stain and sealer. We then apply a combination stain and sealer in the opacity and tone of your choice. You can choose from transparent, semi-transparent and solid levels of opacity based on the condition of your concrete and your desired look. You can also choose the tone of the stain to best compliment the other items in your outdoor environment. After the stain and sealer are applied, a second sealer can be applied to allow for heavier use such as in barbecue areas or areas incurring heavy foot traffic.

Call us today to see what options exist for updating the look of your concrete through staining and sealing.

We Stain All Types of Hard Surfaces

Patio Staining
Driveway or Sidewalk Paver Staining
driveway stamped staining