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Refinishing Weathered Decks

Restoring a weathered deck to its original beauty takes the experienced hands of a wood craftsmen. Clear knowledge of what damage has been done and how to remedy it combined with the proper selection of staining and sealing products is what produces superior results.
With over a decade of experience restoring hundreds of wood decks Teak and Deck Professionals will produce the best possible results for you.

Before and After Deck Restoration


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Before and After Deck Restoration


Home Deck Refinishing

Decks in Southern California often fade and loose their protective sealing. We specialize in refinishing weathered Teak wood decks, Ipe, Mahogany, Cedar and many exotic woods back to their original beauty. Our process has numerous steps, but this example of a beautiful redwood deck restoration project depicts three important stages.

The initial photo shows that the wood has become sun damaged, gray, and no longer has any sealing for protection. All issues with your wood are addressed at this stage.

Sanding and Preparation
Here we have cleared the project area, stripped away old sealers, stains, gray surfaces then thoroughly sanded and prepared the deck for application of new treatments.

The final product is a deck that has a rich natural color, more importantly the wood has been repaired and now fully sealed to protect your investment for years to come.


Deck Weather proofing Saves You Money

When your wood deck is weathered and gray it means that it is fully exposed to the elements. You have no protection from the sun’s UV rays or from water seeping in.

Unprotected wood allows water to seep deep into the wood, water generates mold which rots your wood and eventually creates wood buckling and warping. Untreated wood is also a dinner bell for termites.

Protect the investment you have in your deck. If you’re deck has any gray spots or has not been treated in the past 2 seasons call us. Our deck refinishing and protection service is fast and affordable.

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