Wood Deck Refinishing

Wood Deck Refinishing

Project Description

A Teak Deck can be the highlight of any proud homeowners backyard.  In this deck restoration project we had a teak deck that had aged and had received sun damage with some dirt and moisture damage which dulled its color. Additionally the deck had become rough and a poor surface to walk on with bare feet. Not a great attribute for a pool deck.  We started out by stripping the deck’s wood so it was free from any previous sealers. We then worked through a series of mild cleanings followed by a highly detailed sanding. Finally it was ready for a professional grade teak deck stain, and honestly we really love the product we use as it brings out the natural color of teak as you can see above without leaving it with that unappealing “orangie look”. A final seal was applied to protect the wood from the sun’s UV rays and moisture from both the pool and the sky.  The result is as you can see, one stunning teak deck anyone would be proud of!

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