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Cleaning Outdoor Teak Furniture

Cleaning Outdoor Teak Furniture
If you own outdoor teak furniture, now is the perfect time to get it in shape for Spring and Summer.  Cleaning outdoor teak with the right materials and a little hard work or you can trust the cleaning and sealing to a service company like Teak & Deck Professionals.

When cleaning outdoor teak furniture, use a mild house detergent to scrub away all discoloration and then rinse your pieces well. You can also use a commercial-grade oxygen […]

Should You Seal New Teak Furniture?

To Seal or Not Seal new teak furniture?
A question we get all the time in our office is whether or not new teak furniture should be sealed. The simplest answer is a resounding ‘yes’ but there are reasons why some people may not choose to seal their pieces when new. Here are the top 3 reasons to seal pieces when new, along with reasons for not sealing as well.

1) Keep your teak furniture looking like-new all the time – […]

How Will the Rain in Southern California Affect Your Teak?

With all the rain we’ve been getting over the past week in Southern California, many of our customers are asking if there is anything they should be doing to safeguard their teak furniture. The short answer is “nothing”.

As long as you perform regular annual or semi-annual maintenance to your teak furniture, including the application of a marine-grade penetrating sealer, your teak furniture is prepared to withstand downpours and hold up against the strongest UV damage. It is only with […]

Teak & Deck Professionals Restores 10,000th Piece of Teak Furniture!

10,000 Pieces of teak furniture and Counting!
Teak & Deck Professional is proud to announce that it has recently restored it’s 10,000th piece of teak furniture. “With residential and commercial customers all across Southern California, including San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties, we’re not surprised that we reached this milestone but are certainly proud of its meaning”, states owner, Drew Isaacman. “With over 800 active customers, we also maintain these same pieces that we once brought back to life, […]

New Eco-Friendy Deck Stains Used by Teak & Deck Professionals

Teak & Deck Professionals has recently started using an eco-friendly deck stain with tremendous results. Penofin’s new Verde line of eco-friendly, no VOC deck stains provides the best protection for hardwood decks in a no-VOC formula that is friendly to the environment. “We have always been big fans of Penofin’s products and this new Verde line of stains does not disappoint”, states Teak & Deck owner, Drew Isaacman. “This product has no odor, making it ideal […]

Preparing Your Teak Furniture for the Winter Weather

Preparing Teak Furniture for Wintertime
While winters are certainly not harsh here in Southern California, your teak furniture will be exposed to more rain than normal over the coming few months. Combined with the regular sunlight that we receive in the winter, your teak furniture needs to be well protected for the coming months. Here are some ways to ensure that your furniture will looks its best going forward:

1) Make sure that the teak sealer on your outdoor teak furniture […]

Deck Cleaning In San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles

Even though the weather is turning here in Southern California, now is the perfect time to restore or refinish a graying and unprotected hardwood deck. While many people put such deck refinishing jobs off until Spring, now is the time to renew the protection on your deck so it can stand up to the wet weather over the months ahead. By restoring your deck now, your will protect the wood while also having a good looking surface […]

Teak and Deck Professionals New Website Launched

 Teak & Deck Professionals launched a new website in September of 2010. The new site, located at www.teakandddeck.com, contains helpful information of teak refinishing and deck cleaning while showing off the many customer pictures taken over the past year. Have a look around and let us know what you think. Check this blog often for updates regarding teak refinishing, deck restoration and stone cleaning and sealing in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.