Encinitas Teak Refinishing

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Encinitas Teak RefinishingIf you are looking for Encinitas teak refinishing, then you have come to the right place.  We know how to restore and maintain outdoor teak furniture and have been doing so for residents of Encinitas and all of Southern California for more than 13 years.  When it comes to encinitas teak refinishing, no one is more local to your teak and more qualified to treat it than Teak & Deck Professionals.

Encinitas Teak Refinishing Has It’s Own Unique Set of Needs

The weather and climate conditions in Encinitas dictate a specific method for restoring and maintaining your teak, one that we are very familiar with. For Encinitas teak refinishing, we clean, sand and seal your teak to bring back it’s like-new appearance and texture.  When maintenance is required, which will be about once per year, we will re-sand and seal your pieces using the same high-grade materials as used during your initial restoration. Your furniture will always look its best and be ready for use.  With a regular, annual maintenance program your teak can literally last forever.

Our proximity to Encinitas allows us to service our teak refinishing customers with the highest level of care.  We can stop by for an emergency touch-up or simply look at your teak to let you know if maintenance is indeed needed.  We offer flexible scheduling and you don’t even have to be home to have your teak refinished or maintained.  Call Teak & Deck Professionals today at 760-930-6060 to receive a free, over-the-phone estimate on your teak refinishing needs. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

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