New Video for Teak Refinishing in San Diego

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Teak Furniture Restoration Videoteak refinishing Video!

Teak & Deck Professionals just published a brief video showcasing examples of their amazing teak furniture refinishing transformations. The video, only about 30 seconds in length, shows sets of before and after photos and gives contact info to the company’s website. The video can be found at . The pictures shown are normal, everyday examples of teak refinishing projects that can also be done for your teak furniture.

Most consumers still are not aware of the radical transformations that a professional teak refinishing company can do. Old furniture can be made to look brand new again and, with regular maintenance, all teak furniture can look its best year-round.  While teak furniture can be a sizable investment when purchased new, with regular maintenance, it can literally last forever, even in the harshest elements. Even teak furniture that has been uncared for for years can be made to look new again. Once restored, most teak furniture owners stay on an annual maintenance schedule so that their teak looks and feels its best year-round. It actually becomes more cost-effective to have maintenance done annually than it would be to have your teak furniture fully restored every 2-3 years.

If you own teak furniture and are not happy with its look, give Teak & Deck Professionals a call.  We service all major brands of furniture and can answer all of your questions regarding the best course of action for your particular situation.  For more information, contact a knowledgeable teak refinishing expert at 800-517-9362.

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