Orange County Teak Sealing

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Know how to avoid damage to your teak before hiring a company for teak restoration in Orange County.

Teak Restoration in Orange County and You

Teak restoration in Orange County

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Teak has a naturally high oil content, which is why its used for boat decking a lot. Woods that have high oil content, like teak, help to prevent slipping particularly in areas that are exposed to water. With that in mind, applying varnish would be a huge mistake. Too much oil added into teak can lead to discoloring. Matching the exact shade of the base oil of the teak is dubious at best. Helping your teak continue to keep its beauty is usually a good notion, however. Your best way to accomplish this is to hire a company that does teak refinishing in Orange County, CA.

Over time teak can naturally change to a grayish shade which is not that great looking to many people. In the west, particularly California, caramel teak is more highly prized. Teak maintenance is important, however, whether or not you want to age your teak or not. As to why, it’s a matter of cost. Teak furniture is generally not cheap. Hiring an Orange County teak restoration company is a cost effective way of maintaining your teak. They will most likely suggest sealing your teak.

Care of Teak and Teak Restoration in Orange County, CA

Seal your teak wood with high grade teak sealer, never low cost. If you’ve just bought new teak furniture, however, don’t seal it right away. If you have any questions regarding teak and teak sealing, a service or company that does teak restoration in Orange County, CA will be able to give you some more info with regards to the sealing process.

So, summing up, the key to taking care of your teak is to be a bit proactive, know what you can and cannot do, and select a service that offers teak cleaning in the Orange County area that will do it all right the first time.

Teak & Deck Professionals is a teak refinishing company that services the Orange County area.  Give us a call at (760) 930-6060 and let us show you what we can do for your teak.

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