Teak Cleaning: How to Clean Teak Furniture

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Teak cleaning helps to maintain both indoor and outdoor teak furniture.  However, some pieces of teak furniture are more challenging than others.  An armoire for instance.

Indoor Teak Care: Cleaning a Teak Armoire

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Teak is a long lasting and durable wood, however, it does require a bit of care.  If you have an antique teak armoire,  there is a good chance it is decades or even centuries old.  What’s an armoire? “A wardrobe, also known as an armoire from the French, is a standing closet used for storing clothes. The earliest wardrobe was a chest, and it was not until some degree of luxury was attained in regal palaces and the castles of powerful nobles that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel of the great.” [READ MORE]  Teak care is necessary, despite this fact.  Here are some tips to clean a teak armoire of a musty smell:

  1. Remove all items from the armoire first.
  2. Put some towels around the base of the armoire
  3. In a plastic bucket, fill it about 2/3rd of the way with water.
  4. Add a few drops concentrated pH neutral soap such as Palmolive, Dawn, etc.
  5. Drizzle a small amount of mildew cleaner in the water as well.
  6. With a clean cotton towel, rag, or soft bristled brush, scrub from the top of the armoire down to the legs
  7. Blot dry with a clean towel.
  8. Let it stand for at least 3 hours to completely dry.

If the mildew smell continues, contact a professional teak cleaning service.  Indoor furniture is easy, but what about outdoor furniture?

Outdoor Teak Furniture and How to Clean It

Outdoor teak furniture that is exposed to the elements will probably require more cleaning than say teak that is stored in a garage or storage shed.  As a rule, you want to clean outdoor teak furniture  once every couple of weeks as part of scheduled teak maintenance, or after any pollution alerts, wind advisories or inclement weather.

If you keep up your teak it will probably last longer than you will.  Teak can last for centuries, after all.  So take care of it, and do teak cleaning every now and then either on your own or by calling in a service.

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