Teak Staining Services

Teak Staining Services

Staining your outdoor teak or wood furniture to its original beauty is an important tasks to preserve the wood and keep its beauty. Our in-depth knowledge of specific wood types, how to evaluate and remedy common wood damage combined with the proper selection of staining  products is how we produce superior results for you.
Teak and Deck Professionals has over a decade of experience in restoring teak and wood furniture with oils or stains. You may consider doing it yourself, but with our affordable prices and professional results why risk ruining your expensive furniture? Before you research YouTube and run off to the big box store, give us a call and we’ll give you a guaranteed quote right over the phone so you will know right away if hiring a pro is a better way to go.

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Before and After Teak Staining


Before and After Teak Staining


Detailed Teak Staining Projects

Many pieces of teak furniture have very detailed features which mean small spaces to get into and restore properly. This can lead to an uneven application of stain or oil resulting in dark or light coloration spots.

One of the many benefits of using Teak and Deck professionals is that we have both the experience and the tools necessary to take on even the most ornate pieces of teak furniture. We get into every nook and cranny to produce a clean and even application of color and protection.

Regular teak staining keeps your furniture looking great, but also protected extending it’s life exponentially.

Did you know Teak Furniture can last up to 70 years with proper treatment?


Protect Your Teak Furniture Before El Nino Hits

When your outdoor furniture is weathered and gray it means that it is fully exposed to the elements. You have no protection from the sun’s UV rays or from water seeping in.

Unprotected wood allows rain water to seep deep into the wood, water contains minerals causing stains and generates mold which rots your wood. The combination of these activities can quickly create wood buckling and warping. Untreated wood is also a dinner bell for termites.

Protect the investment you have in your outdoor furniture with regular teak staining and protection.

  • Teak and Deck Professionals’ staining service is fast and affordable
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We never use sub-contractors
  • We provide guaranteed quotes right over the phone

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