New Eco-Friendy Deck Stains Used by Teak & Deck Professionals

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Teak & Deck Professionals has recently started using an eco-friendly deck stain with tremendous results. Penofin’s new Verde line of eco-friendly, no-VOC deck stains provides the best protection for hardwood decks in a no-VOC formula that is friendly to the environment. “We have always been big fans of Penofin’s products and this new Verde line of stains does not disappoint”, states Teak & Deck owner, Drew Isaacman. “This product has no odor, making it ideal for those customers that are sensitive to the smell associated with newly oiled decks”, continues Isaacman.

Teak & Deck Professionals offers a wide range of deck finishing options, depending on the type of deck and preferences of the individual customer. We use only the highest quality, commercial-grade stains and sealers and will not compromise product quality.

For more information on Penofin Verde or any other deck refinishing question, please contact us at (760) 930-6060.

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