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We Offer a Variety of Wood, Concrete and Stone Restoration Services

Teak and Deck Professionals offers a wide range of restoration refinishing and sealing services beyond traditional furniture and deck restoration including:


Home Exterior Wood Restoration

We can restore and revive many types of exterior wood such as Wood Garage Doors, Wood Front Doors, Gazebos, and more.


Fence Stain, Restoration & Maintenance Services

A gray fence can be an unsightly burden on any home but we can restore that same fence to better than new. Teak & Deck Professionals will clean, brighten and seal your fence with the sealer tone of your choice and, within days, your entire exterior environment will take on a new look. After a proper restoration, your fence can be maintained on a regular basis to avoid the hassle and expense of restoring again in the future.

See our Fence Stain and Restoration Service Details.


Gate & Garage Door Restoration & Maintenance

Most outdoor gates and garage doors are not treated with what we would consider the right protection for exterior wood when new. Over time, these original coatings will fade, crack, weather and peel and ultimately need to be restored. That’s where we come in. We can remove a failed finish and replace it with a maintainable, penetrating finish that is superior to the original protection and better for the wood.

Find out how we can help protect and beautify your wood entrance gates and garage doors


Gazebo Stain, Restoration & Maintenance Services

Gazebos and playsets are often found in a backyard but are seldom maintained on a regular basis. Teak & Deck Professionals can remove all the gray from your gazebo or playset and replace it with a beautiful, toned, penetrating wood sealer. Your gazebo or playset will look new again and your structure will now be maintainable so that it will look its best in the future as well. You can choose to change the tone or color of your gazebo or playset or stay with the original or natural tone.

See our Gazebo Restoration Services Details.


Front Entrance Door Restoration & Maintenance

For many entrance doors, the stains and sealers that work on the interior side of the door do not hold up to the elements that the exterior side of the door is exposed to. In many cases, Teak & Professionals can strip the failed finish from the exterior side of a front entrance door and restore it to match the look of the interior side. While not all doors can be saved, many can be restored and re-stained to look as good as new.

See a full description of our Exterior Door Restoration services.

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