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Our process begins with deep cleaning the teak wood. Cleaning teak helps to remove any discoloration from stains, varnishes, teak oil, mold, or natural wear. Most importantly, this process sterilizes the wood to kill any mold spores that may persist on the wood surface. Our biodegradable teak cleaner is not hazardous to animals or humans, and it won’t cause your plants to die!

In our second step, we sand the furniture with fine-grit sandpaper ranging from 60-240 grit depending on the condition of the wood. Sanding teak return the wood’s weathered surface to the comfortable texture of brand new teak furniture. Using detailing equipment, or in some cases our bare hands, we meticulously smooth out any tough to reach areas between slats or in tight corners. Sanding teak furniture is the most challenging part of restoring teak furniture. Whether it's a teak boat deck, small teak table, or a complex Adirondack teak chair, sand teak takes time, patience, and a lot of elbow grease.

After sanding the teak, we prime the wood by gently cleaning the wood again to remove any residue left over from the sanding process. This ensures that the teak sealer will form an effective bond with the wood surface, which helps prolong the life of your newly refinished teak. We then allow the teak furniture to dry completely before moving on to the teak refinishing process.

Finally, sufficient coats of our premium, marine-grade teak sealant are thoroughly applied to your teak furniture or teak deck. This sealer is available in multiple tones ranging from clear, natural, honey, gold, and brown. Years of experience have to lead us to the best products available, and we are confident that we have a color that suits your desires. Occasionally, our clients request particular marine teak varnishes or even wood paint. We will happily adjust our restoration methods for these requests.

This work is demanding if done correctly. Through the years we have perfected the daunting task of restoring outdoor teak furniture. No furniture is “too old” or “too weathered”. No job is too big or too small! Teak & Deck Professionals has performed jobs on commercial properties with hundreds of teak patio furniture pieces, and we’ve restored countless teak benches, teak tables, and teak chairs of all shapes and sizes. At Teak & Deck Professional we guarantee you professional service at an affordable rate for residential and commercial properties, no matter what the condition of your teak.


Teak & Deck Professionals services the following locations in Orange County and San Diego, CA:

Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana Point, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, La Habra, Lake Forest, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster, Yorba Linda, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe, Coto De Caza, Vista.

We commonly service the following teak maker’s furniture: Gloster, Summit, Domus, Sutherland, Les Jardins, Smith & Hawken, Kingsley Bates, Teak Warehouse, Brown Jordan, Jensen Jarrah, and more.

Grey, mold, dirt, and stains are removed using a biodegradable cleaner.

Teak is sanded with 60-240 grit sandpaper to return the surface to a smooth texture.

Multiple coats of marine-grade teak sealant are applied in the desired color and finish.

Restoring Weathered Teak Furniture

Clean, Restore & Protect Your Weathered Teak Back to Its Original Luster.

If outdoor teak furniture and decks lived in clean air, we could let the wood weather naturally and go on to other things. Unfortunately, the assault of modern-day air pollutants and the proximity to water and plant algae quickly turns bare teak and wood nearly black. In fact, it only takes a few weeks to see the effects of air pollutants and intense sunlight on anything left outside. Scrubbing only removes some of the stains leaving a blotchy look that’s neither golden nor gray. Most outdoor teak furniture and wood deck owners find themselves unhappy with either look and decide that some treatment is essential.

Teak octo table before Teak octo table after 600

Naturally, Brighten The Appearance Of Your Outdoor Furniture.

Homeowners have many options for Restoring their weathered teak and wood. With thousands of successful restorations and decades of experience Teak and Deck Professionals has the perfect cleaners, stains, and staining sealers with a proven process down to a science.

The type of wood you own combined with the climate and conditions your furniture is exposed to dictates how your wood should be treated and restored. This is why you may find dozens of products on the market, but many of them are a miss-match with your exact climate and wood needs. Teak & Deck Professionals has determined the best custom teak cleaners, brighteners, and teak wood sealers to use which are specifically formulated to be highly effective in the Southern California climate. These are professional grade and not found in big box home centers.

The process used to apply these products to produce the best results is more technical than one may initially perceive. How hot it is outside, sun exposure, humidity along with how much of each product to apply, and for how long are all nuances that an experienced wood restoration professional fully understands. That is why many well-meaning homeowners who attempt restoration projects come out with less than desirable results.

Teak Restoration (often called Teak Refinishing) by Teak and Deck Professionals is very affordable, you gain the assurance the results will be great and even better – it’s done quickly. See just a few of our many teak restoration project results below:

Del mar chairset frontview before Del mar chairset frontview after
Teak bench before 600 Teak bench 500 after

Maintaining Outdoor Teak

We educate you to maintain your teak and wood throughout the year.

Professional teak cleaning, restoration, and protection are our specialties, however, we want to make sure your outdoor furniture stays in great shape throughout the year. This requires a small amount of upkeep that you can take care of on a regular basis. After we professionally restore your teak wood we will show you the correct methods and products to use for maintaining your outdoor teak furniture.

With our professional teak restoration and your regular maintenance together we will ensure your Teak wood looks beautiful at all times and lasts for many years to come.

Of course, if you desire we also offer affordable wood maintenance services. On a regular basis, our experts will come to your location to clean your teak furniture and apply the appropriate products if needed.

Learn More About teak furniture Maintenance Services here.

Why You Should Seal New Teak Wood

Sealing newly purchased teak correctly is the best way to ensure that it stays in top form and stays protected from our harsh California sun and salty coastal air. In fact, we highly recommend sealing your outdoor furniture immediately, before you ever use it the first time!

Immediately sealing your wood with the correct sealing products will give you long-lasting results and avoid expensive repair or replacement of your teak furniture in the future.

More information on our Teak Sealing Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

High quality teak furniture can last for 25-30 years if properly taken care of.

Teak furniture is relativey easy to maintain, especially if you use a professional company to do the work for you? If you choose to do it yourself, a light cleaning every 6-12 months and a re-application of penetrating sealer will keep your teak looking its best.

Teak furniture should be oiled, or sealed, every 6-12 months, depending on exposure to direct sunlight and other weather conditions. Never use teak oil to treat teak furniture as it is not fully penetrating and will accumulate on the surface as well as only providing a fraction of the protection as a quality sealer.

The best way to keep outdoor teak furniture looking its best is to periodically clean with a stiff brush to remove and dirt from the surface without using cleaning agents or water. Sealing the teak when new with a high-quality, fully penetrating teak sealer, will allow the teak to keep its natural color for the longest period possible.

Prices can vary widely depending on the type of teak piece and the maintenance history involved. Roughly, you can expect to pay 25% of the cost of a new piece of teak furniture in order to restore an older one - not a bad deal!

It is always worth it to refinish teak furniture, as you are getting a like new look and feel for a fraction of the cost.