Fence Refinishing

Clean, Restore and Protect Your Wood Fences


Regular professional care of your wood fencing keeps your yard looking sharp while significantly extending your fence’s lifespan.

In Southern California the sun’s UV rays take its toll on wood fences, drying it, cracking it and fading its color. We know you’ve seen that ugly gray look.

Air pollutants along with natural dirt and debris can further damage the woodturning it white, gray and even black.

If not properly cared for rainwater containing acidic chemicals, minerals, and organic material will soak deep into your fence and cause mold, rot, and warping.

Teak and Deck Professionals has an affordable refinishing and protection service. We will clean away the dirt, then apply professional-grade color stain and seal which will protect your fence from future damage. The end result is a once again beautiful fence and one that will last many years longer than if left untreated.