Concrete Stain Removal

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Concrete Stain Removal, Cleaning, and Sealing

Concrete is durable and inexpensive to install, however, the material is also susceptible to ground in dirt, dark organic material stains, grime or mold, and mildew stains. If your concrete or hard surface has become dull, dirty, and ugly we can transform it with a professional cleaning.

Do It Yourself Concrete Cleaning?

Many homeowners will attempt to clean their concrete on their own, and this is entirely possible if you have the right equipment, the right cleaners, and in general fairly light dirt to remove.

More often tough stains and dirt requires professional attention and here is why:

A professional concrete cleaning requires the concrete to be prepped with special cleaners not sold over the counter at the big box stores. After application, the concrete needs to be washed with a high-pressure washer which literally scours off the dirt, grime, and mildew. Pressure washers are very expensive, and the power that they produce if used incorrectly can destroy your hard surfaces. After deep cleaning your concrete needs to be protected. We apply a special sealer to lock out future contaminates which preserves a clean surface for years to come.

This level of professional cleaners, equipment, and know-how can get your concrete cleaned in a few hours and ready for use within a day or so. Surprisingly, the cost to have us clean and protect your driveway is just about the same cost of renting the equipment, buying cleaners and sealers… so why do that?

Call us, sit back and let us clean and restore your driveway, walkways, or any concrete surface this weekend.