Teak and Deck is Growing

Teak & Deck Professionals Expands to Three Full-Time Crews to Meet Growing Demand

Sometimes being too busy is a great thing!  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we recently expanded our personnel to three full-time crews to meet the growing demands of our customers.  As far as we are concerned, nothing is more important than making sure our customers have everything they need for quality teak restoration and maintenance, deck sealing and repair and cleaning and sealing of other outdoor surfaces.

A Wide Range of Services Means More Commitment

As we expanded our range of […]

Teak Care Part 3: Teak Maintenance and Upkeep

Sometimes, you can do easy teak maintenance on your own. Part three of our series explores some things that you can do between visits from your teak service.
Teak Maintenance: Teak Decks
Sweep your deck once a week to remove grit, dust, or sand. One of the questions we get a lot from our newer customers is: “Should I scrub my teak deck?” If you want to scrub your deck, remember that your deck needs to be treated with the proper […]

Teak Refinishing and Your Teak Part 3: Indoor Teak Furniture

In part of a three part article on teak refinishing, we are covering caring for indoor teak furniture. Does indoor furniture need the same level of care that outdoor furniture does?  We’re glad you asked.
Teak Refinishing: Is It Necessary on Indoor Furniture?

Indoor teak furniture obviously doesn’t need the level of teak refinishing that outdoor furniture does.  It’s not exposed to the elements, however, even indoor teak can do with a bit of cleaning and refinishing.  Earth tones are highly […]

Teak Cleaning and Spring Time

Teak cleaning in Orange County is a preparation you must make before you entertain your guests.
Teak Cleaning and Outdoor Entertaining Tips
Spring is coming, and with spring, you want to be outside, so be proactive with your teak care. Here are some helpful entertaining tips from RealSimple:

A successful dinner party doesn’t demand anything elaborate―just simple food, good company, and a convivial setting. Thick, comfortable cushions on the chairs will encourage guests to linger at the table.Lay brown craft paper across […]

Ring in the New Year with Teak Refnishing

It may be time to add a New Year’s resolution to your list: get teak refinishing done.  Spring and summer are coming, and with them come outdoor parties, barbeques, and being outdoors. You resolve to be more outgoing and sociable for 2013? A good way to start is to create a perfect spot for outdoor events. And the perfect way to set that up is with a New Year’s Resolution.
Teak Refinishing and New Year’s Resolutions
New Years resolutions, like resolving […]