Cleaning & Sealing

Not every deck is made of wood.  Some people prefer the beautiful look and feel of concrete, tile or natural stone for their outdoor space.  Teak & Deck Professionals does not only handle wooden decks; we can also help you with cleaning and maintaining any solid surface areas outside your home as well.

Concrete Staining and Sealing

Tile cleaning before and after1 150x150 Cleaning & SealingOne way to create beautiful outdoor areas is through stained concrete.  Teak & Deck Professionals can clean your concrete areas and prepare them to accept stain, then apply the stain professionally so that you end up with beautiful, natural-looking results.  We can offer a wide range of stains so that you can choose the look you want, whether you want a bright pop of color or a muted, sophisticated look.

We also offer a number of other concrete treatments to give you the appearance of stone, brick, tile or other surfaces.  Teak & Deck Professionals can offer you cleaning for your concrete patio, concrete stain removal with the highest quality degreaser or acid-based formula cleaner, and stains or coatings that will allow you to choose the appearance you want.

Once we have applied your concrete coating, it is time to seal the concrete.  Sealing not only keeps the color of your concrete uniform but prevents accidental intrusion by water, dirt and other corrosive agents.  Sealing your concrete will help keep it free of cracks that can develop into expensive problems.  Teak & Deck Professionals can help you find the right concrete treatment to protect your deck or patio for years to come.

For more information on concrete staining and sealing, click here.

Tile and Stone Sealing

Wetlook sealer 034 150x150 Cleaning & SealingTile and stone are also popular surfaces for patios and outdoor areas.  A good sealer can give a new look to a tired tile or stone patio surface.  Teak & Deck Professionals offers you a wide range of sealing products including water or “Wet-Look” sealers.  All of our water sealers are top quality and are designed to be used on tile, brick, stucco, concrete, sandstone, slate and other outdoor materials.

Sealing your tile or stone not only gives you beautiful results but also extends the life of your outdoor hardscape.  Whether you have a walkway, a patio or some other outdoor surface that needs attention, Teak & Deck Professionals can help you preserve and beautify it.

For more information on tile and stone sealing, click here.

The Teak & Deck Professionals Difference

Whatever your outdoor patio or deck material, Teak & Deck Professionals is ready to help you repair, replace or maintain for the best results.  Our professionals have years of experience in working with all types of outdoor materials, so contact us today for an expert opinion on your deck or patio.  We guarantee that our results will be professional and that we will repair or maintain your deck, patio or other outdoor areas in the most cost-effective manner possible.

To save money and enjoy the very best results, please contact Teak & Deck Professionals.

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